Central Gas Supply System

The CENTRAL GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM (CGSS) consists of the cylinders, the cylinder batteries with the connecting hoses, the cylinder holders, the gas outlet stations and the pipeline network.

A central gas supply system offers several major advantages:
  • With cylinder batteries having two header pipes, there is no work interruption at cylinder exchange.
  • Important gas reserve and better utilization of cylinder content.
  • Higher stability of working pressure than with a single cylinder.
  • Safety in the work area by elimination of high– pressure fittings.
  • Better survey of gas consumption and gas reserve.
  • Reduced costs with accelerated cylinder rotation.
  • Central surveillance of gas reserve.

Engineering Approach

The following concepts have been applied in the central gas system:
  • The gas cylinders are stored together in one location outside of the workplace.
  • The gas cylinder bundles are connected to the central gas manifolds by high-pressure hoses.
  • The gas cylinders are emptied through the central regulator in the central gas manifold. The central regulator's task is to reduce the cylinder pressure to a network pressure which is the correct entry pressure for the tapping points.
  • From the central gas manifolds the gas is transported in a distribution network to all points of consumption.
  • In the workplaces tapping points are installed according to the specification of the specific gas application. Approved gas hoses shall be used from the tapping points.
  • Only low pressure equipment in the workplace.
A gas receiver is installed at each point-of-gas-use. This receiver is responsible for handling any possible gas fluctuations.

The non-return valve is installed between high pressure hose and manifold tube. It is an important safety feature. It is there to prevent fill-over of gas from one cylinder to another. In addition, in the event of a high pressure hose rupture, it is to prevent gas escaping from more than one cylinder.

Flashback arrestors is installed at the main outlet pipe of the central gas manifold for LPG. Furthermore, the flashback arrestors also shall be be installed at tapping points by the End users.

The flashback arrestor has the following safety functions:
  • Prevents backflow.
  • Stops and extinguishes back-burning.
  • Cut off the supply of gas in the event of pervasive backflow.
  • Cut off the supply of gas in the event of overheating.