Specialty Gases

AsiaGas offers a wide array of specialty gases for use in a range of high-tech industries.

Industrial Specialty Gas Product Line

Formular Name Purity Impurity (ppm)
H2 Hydrogen 99.99% O2+Ar≤3, N2≤60, CO≤5, CO2 ≤5, CH4≤10, H2O≤30
99.999% O2+Ar≤1, N2≤5, CO≤1, CO2 ≤1, CH4≤1, H2O≤3
99.9999% O2+Ar≤0.2, N2≤0.4, CO≤0.1, CO2≤0.1, CH4≤0.2, H2O≤1
He Hellium 99.999% O2≤1,N2≤2, H2≤1, He≤1, CO≤0.5, CO2≤0.5, CH4≤0.5, H2O≤3
CO Carbon Monoxide 99.995% N2≤40, THC≤10, H2O≤10, CO2≤15, O2≤10, H2≤15
99.9% N2≤200, THC≤50, H2O≤20, CO2≤20, O2≤100, H2≤500
SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride 99.995% CF4≤15, Air≤5, H2O≤5
99.9% IEC 673 standard
H2S Hydrogen Sulphide 99.99% Air≤50, CO2≤30, H2O≤10, THC≤10
99.9% Air≤500, CO2≤200, H2O≤200, THC≤100
NH3 Ammonia 99.999% O2≤2, N2≤5, CO≤1, Hydrocarbon(C1~C3)≤1, H2O≤5, HMM≤10
HCl Hydrogen Chloride 99.9944% N2≤16, CO2≤10, H2O≤10, O2+Ar≤5, Hydrocarbon≤5, H2≤10
CF4 Tetrafluoromethane 99.9% O2≤200, N2≤600, H2O≤5, CO2≤10, CO≤10, CCLF2≤150
NO Nitric Oxide 99.9% N2≤300, CO2≤200, N2O≤200. CO2≤200

Specialty Electric Gas Product Line

Formular Name Purity Impurity (ppm)
CF4 Tetrafluoromethane 99.999% (5N) Air≤5, SF6≤1, CO≤0.5, CO2≤0.5, THC≤0.1, H2O≤1, HF≤1
Cl2 Chlorine 99.999% (5N) O2≤1, N2≤2, CO≤0.5, CO2≤4, CH4≤0.1, H2O≤2
CO Carbon Monoxide 99.995% (4N5) O2≤1, N2≤30, CO2≤30, H2O≤2, THC≤5
H2 Hydrogen 99.9999% (6N) O2≤0.2, N2≤0.3, CO+CO2≤0.1, H2O≤0.2, THC≤0.2
NO Nitric Oxide 99.9% (3N) N2≤300, CO2≤200, N2O≤200. CO2≤200
SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride 99.999% (5N) Air≤3, CO+CO2≤1, H2O≤3, HF≤0.1, Carbon- Tetrafluoride≤5
HCl Hydrogen Chloride 99.999% (5N) O2≤1, N2≤1.5, CO≤1, CO2≤2, CH4≤0.1, H2O≤1
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide 99.9% (3N) SO2≤300, CO2≤500, H2O≤5