Nitrous Oxide

  • Electric Nitrous Oxide: ≥ 99.9995% (5N5)
  • Industrial Nitrous Oxide: ≥ 99.9% (3N)
  • Medical Nitrous Oxide: ≥ 95.0% or ≥ 99.0%
The Nitrous Oxide is supplied and traded with ISO tank, Y-tank or Cylinder.

Contact us or visit Xinghua Industrial Gases Ltd ( for more information:

Xinghua Industrial Gases Ltd (Xinghua Gas) is AsiaGas's wholly owned company located at Jiangsu, China.

Since 2006, Xinghua Gas has been manufacturing various grades of Nitrous Oxide.

Xinghua Gas is the ONLY government-certified and approved manufacturer for Electric-grade Nitrous Oxide in China.