Welding / Cutting Gases

Welding/Cutting Gas and Supply Product Line

Acetylene Mixture Gases
CNG - Argon / Oxygen
LPG - Argon / Nitrogen
Argon - Argon / Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide - Argon / Helium
Oxygen - Argon / Hydrogen
Nitrogen - Shielding Gas Usage Chart
The Welding/Cutting Gases can be supplied in Individual Cylinder ranging from 10 Litres to 50 Litres size. The users also can opt for the Cylinder Bundle (Pallet) embedded with 16 cylinders.

The compressed gas filling centre is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities incorporating vacuum systems, analyzers and quality control systems to ensure consistently high quality standards throughout the production chain.

You can count on AsiaGas to deliver the welding gases with the quality and consistency that will ensure uniformity in your welding applications.

Whatever your welding gas needs, AsiaGas is always ready at your service with answers and expertise.